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Photo Exhibition Catalogue Kamerat 2023

2nd exhibition of photographs, topic: Labour force
Hrastnik, Slovenia, Europe

The photographic competition ended! Thank you to all the participants- winning works will be announced soon!

There will be a second photographic competition within the third Festival of the labour film Kamerat; this year international. The third edition of Kamerat is looking for photographs on the topic of labour force, which includes work, workers, workers’ rights, industrial architecture (factories, warehouses, etc.), industrial land, machines, tools, etc.
  • Topic A: Labour Force - Color
  • Topic B: Labour Force – Black and White
  • Organizer

    Javni zavod za kulturo, šport, mladino in turizem Hrastnik

    Log 3, Hrastnik, SI-1430

    www.krc-hrastnik.si www.kamerat.org


    Foto klub Hrastnik

    Cesta 1. maja 77, 1430 Hrastnik


    President of the Exhibit’s
    Organizing Committee: Simon Tanšek
    Administrative Assistant: Armand Meterc
    President of the Hrastnik PC: Vinko Žagar

    pod pokroviteljstvom Fotografske zveze Slovenije

    Ljubljanska cesta 15, 1353 Borovnica


    Patronage num: 11/2022

    Selection Panel President: Jure Kravanja, MF ZFS, EFIAP
    Members: Neda Rački; EFIAP/d2
    Vasja Doberlet, MF FZS, MFIAP
    Additional Member: Simon Tanšek, F1 FZS


    Patronage FIAP: 2023/352

    Events calendar
    Acceptance of Works: May 10, 2023
    Judging Due Date: May 25, 2023
    Jury Notice: May 29, 2023

    Opening of Exhibition
    June 29 – July 2023

    We invite you to participate in the international photographic competition in accordance with the regulations of Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (FIAP) and the Slovenia Photographic Union (FZS).
    All photographers around the world can participate in the exhibition. The competition has two topics:

    One author can participate with a max of 4 color photographs on A Labour Force – Color.

    One author can participate with a max of 4 black and white photographs on A Labour Force – Black and White.

    Fee, Application, and Sending Photographs: The exhibit’s participation fee is 15 EUR per topic. It covers participants receiving the digital PDF catalog. Transfer the fee to the organizer’s account with the annotation “The Labour Force Photographic Competition.”

    Javni zavod za kulturo, šport, mladino in turizem Hrastnik, Log 3, 1430 Hrastnik IBAN: SI56 0123 4603 0357 367, (International Bank Account Number) BIC: BSLJ SI 2X (Business Identifier Code)

    Photographs that do not have a paid participation fee will not be judged.

    All amateur and professional photographers of the world can enter the photographic competition.

    Fill out the application by using the online application form. Upload your photographs to a server using http://krchrastnik.quickconnect.to/sharing/vl4mIVNG3 or the QR code below.

    The correctly and fully completed application form is the requirement for the photographs to be entered in judging. The application must be submitted for each participant individually. All the required data should be entered in the online application form.

    The photographs must be the participant’s copyright work, for which s/he is willing to take full responsibility. For the author to fully comply with the FIAP regulations, s/he should confirm the text as follows with a click on the square next to it:

    I declare that I am aware of and I agree with the contents of the FIAP 018/2017 »Conditions and regulations for FIAP Patronage« and the FIAP 033/2021 »Sanctions for breaching FIAP regulations and the red list« documents. Particularly chapter II in the FIAP 018/2017 document, where II.2 and II.3 refer to violations and registration on the list of violators (Red list).

    The competition organizers assume no responsibility for the violation of copyright by third parties.

    Awards for best works, projection, and exhibition: The selection panel will examine and assess the works. The best will be printed and exhibited. Every participant can receive only one award per topic. The final event, with the projection of accepted works and the opening of the best-works exhibit, will occur during the Festival of the Labour Film Kamerat between June 29 and July 2 in Hrastnik.

    The awards within each of the two categories are:

    The FIAP’s awards:
    - the FIAP gold medal and a financial award of 150 EUR
    - the FIAP silver medal and a financial award of 100 EUR
    - the FIAP bronze medal and a financial award of 50 EUR
    - six FIAP ribbons of honor

    The Slovenia Photographic Union (FZS):
    - the FZS gold medal
    - the FZS silver medal
    - the FZS bronze medal
    - three FZS diplomas

    Three Hrastnik Photo Club’s Diplomas

    The best author at the exhibit will receive a special FIAP blue badge.

    Judging: A three-member selection panel will judge the arrived works:

    Neda Rački, EFIAP/d2, member of the Zagreb Photo Club (t/n: Fotoklub Zagreb), Croatia
    Jure Kravanja, MF FZS, EFIAP, member of the Digital Photo Club (t/n: Digitalni foto klub), Slovenia
    Vasja Doberlet, MF FZS, MFIAP, member of the Kranj Janez Puhar Photographic Society (t/n: Fotografsko društvo Janez Puhar Kranj), Slovenia

    An additional member of the selection panel:
    Simon Tanšek, F1 FZS, member of the Hrastnik Photo Club (t/n: Foto klub Hrastnik), director of cinematography and associate professor of film and television photography at the AGRFT Academy (Academy of Theatre, Film, Radio, and Television) in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    Administrative Assistant:
    Armand Meterc

    We reserve the right to change the selection panel if any member is otherwise engaged. An appeal against the ruling of the selection panel shall not be admissible.

    Events calendar: Acceptance of Works: on or before May 10, 2023
    Judging Due Date: May 25, 2023
    Jury Notice (results): May 29, 2023
    Projections of received works, the opening of the Exhibition of best works, and award ceremony: “Festival of the Labour Film Kamerat”, June 29 – July 2, 2023, Hrastnik, Slovenia; the exact date will be provided later
    Sending of PDF catalogs: on or before August 31, 2023

    Technical Requirements for File Preparation: The digital photographs for the exhibition should be sent in JPG format in RGB image mode. The photographs’ resolution should be 300 dpi. The longer side of the picture should be 1920 PX maximum. The file’s size must not exceed 3 MB.

    Photographs should be free of additional borders or frames, watermarks, and the author’s signature.

    Every work should be marked with a surname and name of the author and the work’s title. Example: surname_name_work_title

    File names should only consist of the letters of the English alphabet. In addition, the markings on the online application form should match the photos’ markings in the files’ names.

    Award-winning photos will be printed and exhibited. If needed for the exhibition, we'll contact you for larger files. Photographs that will not meet the tendered conditions will be disqualified. The photos admitted for the previous Labour Force Exhibition will not be judged.

    Final provisions: By submitting their works, the author agrees with the tendered conditions and that his data will be used to inform and post about the exhibit. The organizers reserve the right to publish the works for non-commercial purposes (for promotion of the exhibit and the Festival of the Labour Film Kamerat) in print and digital media as well as social media without prior permission and payment to the author. Every author will receive notification of results to the e-mail address stated at registration. The result will also be posted on the organizers' web pages. There will also be an electronic catalog published for the exhibit, which will include the admitted and award-winning works and the exhibit’s information.

    All Information and Help: info@krc-hrastnik.si

    All the data will be used specifically for communication on the exhibit.

    Katalog razstave Kamerat 2023

    2. razstava fotografij na temo delavstvo
    Hrastnik, Slovenija, Evropa

    Fotografski natečaj je zaključen! Hvala vsem sodelujočim- nagrajena dela bodo znana kmalu!

    V sklopu tretjega festivala delavskega filma Kamerat bo že drugič potekal tudi fotografski natečaj – tokrat mednarodni. V tretji ediciji festivala Kamerat se naj fotografije nanašajo na temo DELAVSTVO, ki obsega delo, delavce, delavske pravice, industrijsko arhitekturo (tovarne, skladišča...), industrijsko pokrajino, stroje, orodja...
  • Tema A: Delavstvo - Barvna
  • Tema B: Delavstvo - Črno bela
  • Organizator

    Javni zavod za kulturo, šport, mladino in turizem Hrastnik

    Log 3, Hrastnik, SI-1430

    www.krc-hrastnik.si www.kamerat.org


    Foto klub Hrastnik

    Cesta 1. maja 77, 1430 Hrastnik


    Predsednik odbora razstave: Simon Tanšek
    Tajnik žirije: Armand Meterc
    Predsednik FK Hrastnik
    Vinko Žagar

    pod pokroviteljstvom Fotografske zveze Slovenije

    Ljubljanska cesta 15, 1353 Borovnica


    št. pokroviteljstva: 10/2023

    Predsednik: Jure Kravanja, MF FZS, EFIAP
    Člana: Neda Rački; EFIAP/d2
    Vasja Doberlet, MF FZS, MFIAP
    Rezervni član Simon Tanšek, F1 FZS


    št. pokroviteljstva: 2023/352

    Sprejem del: 10. maj 2023
    Žiriranje: do 25. maj 2023
    Obvestilo o žiriranju: 29. maj 2023
    Odprtje razstave 29. junij – 2. julij 2023
    Pošiljanje katalogov: 31. avgust 2023

    Vabimo k sodelovanju na mednarodnem fotografskem natečaju, ki je v skladu s pravili Mednarodne zveze za fotografsko umetnost (FIAP) in Fotografske zveze Slovenije (FZS).
    Na razstavi lahko sodelujejo fotografi vsega sveta. Natečaj ima dve temi:

    En avtor lahko sodeluje z največ 4 barvnimi fotografijami na temo A Delavstvo – Barvna.

    En avtor lahko sodeluje z največ 4 črno belimi fotografijami na temo A Delavstvo – Črno bela.

    Pristojbina, prijava in pošiljanje fotografij: Pristojbina za udeležbo na razstavi znaša 15€ za posamezno temo. S tem si udeleženec zagotovi prejem digitalnega PDF kataloga. Pristojbino nakažite na račun organizatorja s pripisom »Foto natečaj DELAVSTVO«

    Javni zavod za kulturo, šport, mladino in turizem Hrastnik, Log 3, 1430 Hrastnik IBAN: SI56 0123 4603 0357 367, BIC: BSLJ SI 2X

    Fotografije, za katere ne bo plačana kotizacija, ne bodo žirirane.

    Na fotografskem natečaju lahko sodelujejo ljubiteljski in poklicni fotografi vsega sveta.

    Prijavnico izpolnite s pomočjo spletnega obrazca. Fotografije naložite na server preko http://krchrastnik.quickconnect.to/sharing/vl4mIVNG3 ali pa se uporabi qr koda.

    Pravilno in popolno izpolnjena prijavnica je pogoj, da bodo fotografije upoštevane pri žiriranju. Prijava se odda za vsakega udeleženca posebej. V spletno prijavnico je potrebno vnesti vse zahtevane podatke.

    Fotografije morajo biti v celoti avtorsko delo sodelujočega, za kar ta tudi prevzema vso odgovornost. Da avtor v zvezi s pravili v celoti sledi zahtevam FIAP ob prijavi k sodelovanju na spletni prijavnici potrdi z klikom na kvadratek ob katerem se nahaja tekst:

    Izjavljam, da sem seznanjen in se strinjam z vsebino dokumenta FIAP 018/2017 »Conditions and regulations for FIAP Patronage« in dokumenta FIAP 033/2021 »Sanctions for breaching FIAP regulations and the red list«. Zlasti poglavja II v dokumentu FIAP 018/2017, kjer se točki II.2 in II.3 nanašata na kršitve in vpis na seznam kršiteljev (Red list).

    Organizatorji natečaja ne prevzemajo nobene odgovornosti za kršenje avtorskih pravic tretjih oseb.

    Nagrade za najboljša dela, projekcija in razstava:: Žirija bo pregledala in ocenila prispela dela. Najboljša dela bodo natisnjena in razstavljena. Vsak udeleženec lahko v vsaki temi dobi samo eno nagrado. Sklepna prireditev s projekcijo sprejetih del in z odprtjem razstave najboljših del bo v sklopu Festivala delavskega filma Kamerat med 29.6. in 2.7.2023 v Hrastniku.

    V vsaki od dveh kategorij bodo podeljene sledeče nagrade:

    Nagrade Mednarodne zveze za fotografsko umetnost (FIAP):
    - zlata medalja FIAP in finančna nagrada v višini 150 EUR
    - srebrna medalja FIAP in finančna nagrada v višini 100 EUR
    - bronasta medalja FIAP in finančna nagrada v višini 50 EUR
    - šest častnih trakov FIAP

    Nagrade Fotografske zveze Slovenije (FZS):
    - zlata medalja FZS
    - srebrna medalja FZS
    - bronasta medalja FZS
    - tri diplome FZS

    Tri diplome Foto kluba Hrastnik

    Najboljši avtor na razstavi bo prejel posebno modro značko FIAP.

    Žiriranje:: Prispela dela bo ocenila tričlanska žirija v sestavi:

    Neda Rački, EFIAP/d2, članica Fotokluba Zagreb, Hrvaška
    Jure Kravanja, MF FZS, EFIAP, član Digitalnega foto kluba, Slovenija
    Vasja Doberlet, MF FZS, MFIAP, član Foto fotografskega društva Janez Puhar Kranj, Slovenija

    Rezervni član žirije::
    Simon Tanšek, F1 FZS, član Foto kluba Hrastnik, direktor filmske fotografije in izredni profesor filmske in televizijske slike na Akademiji AGRFT v Ljubljani, Slovenija

    Tajnik žirije::
    Armand Meterc

    Pridržujemo si pravice do spremembe žirije v primeru zadržanosti katerega izmed članov.
    Na izbor žirije se ni možno pritožiti.

    Koledar razstave: Sprejem del do vključno 30. aprila 2023
    Žiriranje do 25. maja 2023
    Obvestilo o rezultatih žiriranja do 29. maja 2023
    Projekcija sprejetih del, odprtje razstave najboljših del ter podelitev nagrad: “Festival
    Delavskega filma Kamerat”, 29.6. - 2.7.2023, Hrastnik, Slovenija, natančen datum bo definiran naknadno
    Pošiljanje PDF katalogov do 31. avgusta 2023

    Tehnične zahteve za pripravo datotek:: Za razstavo se pošilja digitalne fotografije v JPG formatu v RGB barvnem prostoru. Ločljivost fotografij naj bo 300 dpi. Daljša stranica naj meri največ 1920 pikslov. Velikost datoteke ne sme presegati 3 MB.

    Fotografije morajo biti brez dodatnih umetnih obrob, brez vodnega žiga in brez podpisa avtorja.

    Vsako delo mora biti označeno s priimkom in imenom avtorja ter naslovom dela. Primer: priimek_ime_naslov_dela

    V imenu datotek naj bodo izključno črke angleške abecede. Označitve fotografij na spletni prijavnici se morajo ujemati z označitvami fotografij v imenih datotek.

    Nagrajene fotografije bodo natisnjene in razstavljene. Za morebitne potrebe razstave vas bomo kontaktirali za večje datoteke. Fotografije, ki ne bodo ustrezale razpisanim pogojem bodo izločene. Fotografije sprejete na prejšnji razstavi Delavstvo ne bodo žirirane.

    Končne določbe: Avtor z oddajo del na razstavo soglaša z razpisnimi pogoji in s tem, da se njegovi podatki uporabijo v namene obveščanja in objavljanja o razstavi. Prireditelji si pridržujemo pravico do objave del v nekomercialne namene (za promocijo razstave in Festivala delavskega filma Kamerat) v tiskanih in digitalnih medijih ter v socialnih omrežjih brez predhodnega dovoljenja ali plačila avtorju. Vsak avtor bo prejel obvestilo o rezultatih po mailu, ki ga je navedel ob prijavi, rezultati pa bodo objavljeni tudi na spletnih straneh organizatorjev. Ob razstavi bo izdan elektronski katalog, ki bo vseboval sprejeta in nagrajena dela ter podatke o razstavi.

    Vse informacije in pomoč: info@krc-hrastnik.si

    Vsi podatki se bodo uporabljali zgolj za obveščanje o razstavi.

    The Hrastnik Photo Club celebrates the 90th anniversary of its establishment. /
    Foto klub Hrastnik letos praznuje 90 let od ustanovitve.